Community centred small groups

Branch out, DIG in

Branches are literally a Branch of the church. At St Paul’s our branches are small groups where you can get connected into our church community. Branches meet weekly, in various locations and venues in Weston, the surrounding area and online. Each Branch is a bit different, but all share the same core values and give you a chance to choose a great community that suits your needs and schedules.

Branch Types

We group our branches into a number of types to help you DIG into the St Paul’s community:

Discipleship Branches: Typically meet weekly in someone’s home or online and have a mixture of fellowship, prayer and digging into the Bible together.

Interest Branches: Encourage connection and belonging by gathering people with a shared interest. This might be a sport, hobby or a focus on a particular area. These are a great place to bring non-church friends.

Growth Branches: Use content and material to encourage personal growth. They cover a range of topics including pastoral, emotional and Biblical growth, as well as supporting areas such as marriage and family.

Other Groups

We also run a number of other groups for support and connection:

Midsize Communities: Are larger branches that meet weekly, usually on the Church site.

Community Groups: Are larger groups that provide a range of activities and support for specific groups of people.

Check out the information about our branches below. If you need help do get in touch with our Branch Coordinator

Our branches

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