Church Updates

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Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London said this in response to the National Lockdown announcement.

“I would urge everyone in our churches to pray for those on the front line in our public services – the NHS and those working in social care, for schools and many others on whom we depend; and for parents and carers of children at this anxious and stressful time.

“There is hope. The vaccination programme is underway and, as Christians, we have a deeper hope in God that comforts us beyond fear itself. As we have been remembering this Christmas Season, even in the midst of our darkest fears, that hope brings light.”

The Senior Leadership team at St Paul’s want to echo her words as encouragement to you to be people of prayer and hope. In this season of challenge we also want to encourage you to actively love one another so no one in our community is lonely, isolated or in need.

Pastoral Care

Get Help

We know that this is a challenging time for people for a whole number of reasons. Our church is not a building but a family, a family of unity and love. If you need support at this time please speak to your branch leader or team leader or do get in touch with our Pastoral Care Team.

Email Pastoral Care Team

Offer Help

Join our team offering support to those in need. We have people who make phone calls to people who are lonely or isolated, and people who collect essentials like prescriptions or food. If you have some spare time and what to do your part in loving our community click the link below and get in touch.

Email Teams

Parish Safeguarding Officer

We are recruiting for a Parish Safeguarding Officer. This is a key volunteer leader in our church, who helps to keep our church a safe place for everyone. For more information on the role, please see the role profile.

To apply for this role please complete an application form.

Sunday Services

10.30am | Online & In Person

We are gathering for one Sunday service each week at 10.30am. You can join this service online by clicking the link below or attend in person, to maintain social distancing requirements the numbers able to attend in the building are limited. If you wish to attend in person please book a space by clicking the link below. This service is open to a limited number to main social distancing and This is a chance for our family to worship, hear from God’s word and spend time in prayer together.

Coffee & Connect

After 10.30am Service | Online

After our 10.30am service we invite you to gather on Zoom for Coffee and Connect. This is a place for our community to connect during the National Lockdown. 

Join Coffee & Connect Zoom

(Meeting ID: 820 7228 4219 | Passcode: 026853)


Prayer Bubbles

In a time when we can feel disconnected we want to encourage you to form prayer bubbles. These bubbles are for 3 of you to pray and support each other in this season. You could do this on the phone, on Zoom or via WhatsApp. However you choose to connect with each other we know it will be a blessing to each of you. If you don’t know who to connect with email the Pastoral Care Team and they will be happy to link you up with someone.

Email Pastoral Care Team